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Cali Island is a Filipino reggae/ska band based in Bacolod, Philippines. The band is composed of vocalist Mark "Deadman" Gallardo, drummer Art Cari-an, bassist Christian Samillano, guitarist Nestor Edanio, percussionist Bunso Doqueza, and trumpeters Jham Samillano and Edward Garcia. The band was formed around 2014. Before the band was formed, Cali Island was just a bunch of guys who loved reggae music.

Cali Island joined the Battle of the Bands during their early years. They have been performing in various gigs since then, mostly performing at festival gigs around NIR (Negros Island Region).

They are best known for their first single “Lalabas Sana Ako”, which aired on several local radio stations and landed a top spot at a local music countdown. With an overwhelmingly good response from their listeners, Cali Island released a music video for "Lalabas Sana Ako" in November 2017.



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