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Coral Monika is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Baguio City. Having grown up in church, she has been singing since her childhood years at the age of 7 and has attended voice coaching classes that focused on broadway pieces at the age of 9. 

She has traveled to different places around the country because of her music. Likewise, she has been with different bands and tandems, singing different genres of music, exposing her to a wide variety of songs. However, she concentrated mainly on pop jazz and classic songs.


It was late 2021 when she decided to try going solo and to concentrate mostly on songs that will compliment and highlight her voice tone and range. She feels like she’s starting back to zero but as someone who wants to be an inspiration to other women, she is now ready to take on this new challenge. Join her on her journey to self-love and self-improvement.


Anya ngay is an Ilokano expression that means “What now?” in English. “Anya Ngay” is one of the songs that transpired from my experiences of finding love and letting it go altogether. Sometimes love ends albeit still hopeful of its promises. Unrequited it sometimes may be, but it teaches an important lesson in life, which is to love and get hurt rather than not love at all.



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