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Marie Elaine Laurel Buraga or Elaine Buraga started singing at the age of four. She started performing in various internal and external school events in elementary. She also joined organizations that helped her improve and grow as a singer. Elaine started writing songs at the age of 19 barely knowing how to play the guitar. In addition, Elaine shifted from singing birit pop songs to soul, R&B, and chill after struggling to find her own sound. Today, she is known as a featured livestreamer on Kumu Philippines and continues to reach hearts through her songs.

Her trilogy was created in being in love and confused but adapting the sense of “pagpaparaya” and “pagpapalaya” in the end. 

Choosing between the one who gives you butterflies and the one who makes you feel at home and secure.


“Sino?” was written in the confusion of choosing between the present love you have and then came a new love. One may start to question, when is it wrong to love someone? When is love wrong? Whom would you choose?


While “Pwede Bang?” is about wanting to take a risk in choosing a new love, wanting to give it a chance, and wanting to work out the love that was once forbidden. 


“Ang Palayain Ka'' is the final song in this trilogy. From being confused and troubled about whom to choose then finally choosing home over butterflies.


We can fall in love with two people but we cannot be with them at the same time. We can love a person without not having them in our life as a choice because it is what is right. We can love and wish them happiness from a distance and without you.



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