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FRIDGE is a five-piece (sometimes, four-piece) Fake Emo / Medj Math Rock / Medj Post Rock band formed in January 2019. with members; Franz Santiago on guitar and vocals, Matthew Santos on lead guitar, Steve Ducay on bass, and Bryan Victoria on drums, all hailing from San Mateo, Rizal. Later on, they were joined by their newest member, Eman Benalla.


From “Ball is Life” to “Food is Life” the band got their name from refrigerator, where all great things like food and booze come from — hence “FRIDGE”. Despite having different influences such as indie, pop, new wave, math rock, emo, and metal, they find their common ground with their passion for rock music that gives them an advantage in creating unique and realistic music.

FRIDGE released their first-ever EP called “Defrosting Emotions” that was said to be focused on exhausting all your feelings. Each song has a story to tell and a different emotion attached to it — songs about being lied to, getting played on, always seeing the good in someone, being grateful for the joy and experiences shared, and finding home in your person.



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