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JC Dee, or known by the artist name Kimono on Fire, is a CDO/Bukidnon-based solo indie artist hailing from Valencia City, Bukidnon, PH. Formerly the vocalist/songwriter of Mnemosyne and guitarist/songwriter of White Strand, he continued to pursue his music career by proceeding as a solo artist.

From 2018 to 2022 he has produced several independent singles, albums, music videos, collaborations, and has also wrote and produced songs for other local artists. He later decided to change his artist from just “JC Dee” to “Kimono on Fire” (inspired by some solo acts who named themselves collectively), to have a much more fitting name for a one-man band such as himself.

Despite the change of his brand he continues to work on more new songs, produced by himself as the same person by a different name, for his future releases. His music genre varies from pop-rock, acoustic, anime, and experimental indie-pop.



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