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Waxing nostalgic about a past love can be bittersweet, yet most people still can’t help but reminisce about the one that got away. Maybe because the happy memories from such a past relationship far outweigh the sad ending of that failed romance. And after reminiscing, one might crack a smile and whisper the words, “I hope he/she is happy now…” This scenario is perfectly painted by “Sana Masaya Ka Na,” a new song recently released by the band eevee, which is produced and distributed by Ivory Music & Video. Known for their original songs that highlight the many interesting facets of love and life such as “Gusto Ko Lang ng Girlfriend,” “Sarap Maging Single,” and “Huwag Lang Ikaw,” eevee will once again pull at the listeners’ heartstrings with “Sana Masaya Ka Na.” It is a highly relatable song which is the right accompaniment for those who want to hark back on the good old days of a bygone romance. “Sana Masaya Ka Na” tells the story of a romantic relationship that didn’t work out, and inspires those who are undergoing such an experience to muster the strength to let go and move on, but not shy away from reminiscing about the blissful moments that emerged from the relationship, for they become the reason to wish happiness for one’s ex. eevee is Enzo Villegas on lead vocals, Paolo Seguna on lead guitar, Gianne Garcia on bass, and Patrick Anchinges on drums; four talented and cheerful musicians who are all from Davao. The members said that they chose the band name “eevee” which is one of the many creatures in the Pokemon series, because the creature is always evolving. They see their band also as such, ever evolving and pushing the boundaries in terms of music genres. In an interview, Enzo shared the band’s songwriting process, “Usually, eevee’s original songs begin with a feeling, that’s what comes first with our band. I believe that when you write a song, it has to be from something that you really feel or have felt at one point. Then comes the music, if there’s a vibe, sometimes the lyrics just come out.” He adds, ““Sana Masaya Ka Na” is one of those “feeling” based songs that I always write. I saw my ex for the last time and we talked about the good times. When I got home, the first few lines just came to me.” Now that the pandemic restrictions have eased, eevee is looking forward to playing live gigs again as well as writing new materials and hopefully collaborating with other artists. The playful band members shared that just like wishing an ex happiness with the song “Sana Masaya Ka Na,” Enzo, Paolo, Gianne and Patrick also wished themselves happiness; something the guys jokingly said they could attain if the band bags another shoe deal and clothing sponsorship.


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