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FERODINA drops lit ‘Abangers Anthem’ “Tumitig Ka” Under Ivory Music

Manila, Philippines –– FERODINA, is the lit and genre-fluid band featuring Fender Dimalanta on vocals and guitar, bassist Steven Naguit, drummer Joaquin Rodrigo, and keyboardist-saxophonist Brian Feliciano, is thrilled with the release of their debut single “Tumitig Ka” under their new label  Ivory Music as it marks a new beginning for the band.

FERODINA’s origins can be traced back to the iconic show Eat Bulaga. Fender, Joaquin, and Brian were contestants and eventual winners on Music Hero, a skills showcase contest that put the spotlight on their talents on guitar, drums, and keyboards, respectively. After winning, all three became part of Eat Bulaga’s hotshot house band, which included other notable members Blaster Silonga and Zild of IV of Spades.

However, the band eventually dissolved, paving the way for the formation of FERODINA.

Brian Feliciano reflects, “unfortunately, that band had to be dissolved. But fortunately, disbanding that band led to us forming FERODINA.” Fender Dimalanta adds, “The contract for Music Hero ended, but before that, we had formed a bond already through the music.” Joaquin Rodrigo echoes this sentiment, “We were still so very young then, so we didn’t really know; we just did it for fun. Even joining the competition on TV was done out of fun.”

Completing the lineup, Fender brought in his long-time friend and battle-of-the-bandmate Steven Naguit on bass. Steven shares, “Fender and I were the ones joining band competitions, so I fit easily into FERODINA.”

What FERODINA initially brought together is the same proficiency that made them proverbial music heroes. But what their eventual creative chemistry came up with is a sound that is free-flowing and engaging at the same time. And it boils down to their collaborative songwriting where everyone gets to contribute to the final product. “I usually come in with a draft of the song with lyrics and all, and everyone gets their say during the recording,” says Fender. Steven adds, “We don’t give ourselves any limit when it comes to songwriting or any genre for that matter. Whatever sounds good to our ears and hopefully to listeners.”

Sure enough, FERODINA’s music output so far has showcased this versatility. From the clean above-average pop flavor of “Muling Nakita Ka” to the heartfelt ballad “Ako’s Sa’yo Ikaw ay Akin,” to dreamy “Samahan Mo Ako,” to their recent alt-pop single “Hon.” And now with “Tumitig Ka,” FERODINA now leans into modern, alt-pop sounds. According to Joaquin Rodrigo, the song is about “a guy waiting for a couple to break up so he can have a chance – it’s an ‘abangers-anthem’ type of song,” added Fender, who wrote the song.

The release of “Tumitig Ka” also signals a reboot for the band, who at this point are all excited with a renewed sense of enthusiasm. FERODINA who’s released several singles with Black Sheep Records since 2020, are all in agreement that they are in this for the long haul.

Fender shares, “We’ve had our share of ups and downs in the band, but we keep going because this is our passion. We also want to break the stereotype of ‘musicians’ and be an inspiration. We want our songs to be relatable.” Steven adds, “Playing with other musicians, whether it’s a gig or just a rehearsal, is our way of communicating. This is our passion, and everything will follow if we do what we love.” Joaquin affirms, “We come from a family of musicians; it’s what we do.”

And as far as getting to where they want to be, Brian Feliciano summarizes it as thus, “we just have to consistent and keep doing what we’re doing.”

Tumitig Ka” by FERODINA is available on all major streaming platforms starting May 31, 2024, and is under newly reconfigured record label Ivory Music.


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