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Iconic band MYMP is back with a new single!

After almost two decades since they first released their very first hit “A Little Bit”, MYMP continues to make sweet music that has been a staple in every music lover’s playlist. Proof of this is their dominance on music streaming platforms particularly Spotify where the band has more than a million monthly listeners and hundreds of millions of combined streams of all their mega hits which include “Tell Me Where It Hurts”, “Especially For You”, “Nothing Can Stop Us Now”, and many more. Their string of hits and platinum selling albums continue to occupy major playlists and music charts in several territories like South Korea and Indonesia. For 2020, Spotify regarded MYMP as one of the most-streamed artists in the Philippines; something that band members Chin, Carmella, Aaron, Rodnie and Benj are truly proud of.

For most artists, the ongoing pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge in terms of producing and promoting music. Luckily, MYMP has been adapting to the new normal and is about to release their third single in the middle of the pandemic. Yes! They are back with a brand new single “You’re The Inspiration”.

How does it feel to be releasing a new single in the middle of the pandemic?

MYMP: We feel lucky but at the same time worried regarding how to promote a song without going out of the house and everything will just be promoted online. We’re used to doing mall tours everytime we release a new song/album. This is actually our 3rd single to be released in the time of pandemic. We’re still adjusting with the current “new normal” so we’re just hoping for the best and excited for you all to hear it!

What keeps the band busy during this pandemic?

MYMP: We livestream 3x per week usually on Facebook. We shoot vlogs too and music videos for our Youtube account.

What are the challenges the band faced while recording?

MYMP: Time constraints since we are all busy with our alternative sources of income this pandemic.

What made you decide to record "You're The Inspiration"?

MYMP: It was requested during one of our live shows. And we jammed it. Carmella’s voice fit the song and arrangement perfectly.

MYMP was named as one the most streamed artists on Spotify last year. What can you say about this achievement?

MYMP: It’s always unbelievable and we’ll always be grateful.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

MYMP: To have been part of making music that is still standing the test of time.

MYMP’s newest single “You’re The Inspiration” under Ivory Music drops on May 7th in all music stores worldwide.

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