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Leann Ganzon: PPop's Newest "It" Girl

Undoubtedly, 2021’s best bet for music stardom is 19-year old singer-songwriter Leann Ganzon. Leann gained considerable popularity after she joined the first-ever Idol Philippines two years ago. Armed with beauty, brains (she is a University of The Philippines scholar) and talent, a rarity in the industry, Leann is already gaining ground against her competitors.

At a tender age of 3, Leann started singing and she has not stopped since then. Like all the little girls who have big dreams, she joined several amateur singing competitions and later on, became a part of the church choir for 8 years. Her exposure to music paved the way for Leann to discover that she can write too. In addition, she can play the guitar, making her a multi-talented artist and performer. She considers female vocal group Little Mix as her biggest musical inspiration. She aspires to learn other skills like dancing and acting.

2021 is a landmark year for Leann as she releases her first ever single, “Stuck In The Friendzone” under Ivory Music. The track was written and composed by Leann herself and was produced by veteran hitmaker, Paulo Zarate. “Stuck…” is a midtempo pop tune that talks about a girl who becomes a perennial best friend of the guy she wants to have a romantic relationship with. With lines like “but I’ve always been the best friend but never the girl friend”, the song would definitely strike a chord among music fans who have been “friend-zoned” by the objects of their affection. This early, the track is slowly becoming a Spotify and Youtube favorite.

With things going her way, Leann’s star is expected to shine brighter and brighter with the support of her family, her label and her fans. With all of these and more, Pinoy Pop has definitely found its new “IT” girl.

Leann Ganzon’s “Stuck In The Friendzone” is now available to stream and download in all digital music stores nationwide!

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