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New single from Room for Cielo!

Room for Cielo sings about falling out of love with latest release "Hanggang Dito."

Room for Cielo mourns for a love facing its inevitable end in their latest single, “Hanggang Dito,” released on September 13, 2019. With the song’s upbeat melody and powerful vocals, listeners will be surprised by its melancholic lyrics. Self-written and self-produced by the band, “Hanggang Dito” contains the storytelling element that Room for Cielo is known for. Their passionate lyrics perfectly portray the pain of falling out of love, and the sad acceptance of ending a relationship.

Room for Cielo is known for their nostalgic sounds from the 80s-90s OPM era and flavours of modern Pop and Ballad infused to their music. The band consists of Pael Gutierrez (vocalist), Daryl Cielo (guitarist/composer), PJ Ballares (bassist), and Justin Felias (drummer). Their single, “Bukas, Makalawa,” which was released on April 26, 2019, currently has 230,000 streams on Spotify and was featured in OPM Says Chillax playlist.

The official music video of “Hanggang Dito” will be released on October 2019.

Listen to Room for Cielo's “Hanggang Dito” below:

Watch the Official Music Video:


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