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"No Games" out now!

RnB group Benj And The Collective promise a love with "no games" and pure intentions in their latest single!

The fun and energetic musical group Benj And The Collective are bringing the #CollectiveParty back with their newest single, “No Games” - to be released on October 25, 2019 under Ivory Music & Video. “No Games” is the follow up to their debut single “TNGHT” (released June 28, 2019).

“Ain’t gon play no games.

Swear I aint the same than all of these other guys.

Girl I’m gonna treat you right.”

In “No Games,” Benj And The Collective tell a narrative of a person courting a girl, promising her a relationship with nothing but honesty and pure intentions. “It’s basically telling the person you admire that you want to get serious and ready to be in a relationship,” lead vocalist Benj Manalo said. The track was written by Benj Manalo, Kevin Yadao and Rockboi, and produced by Benj And The Collective.

“Gusto lang namin maging tropa ng buong mundo,” is what Benj And The Collective consider as their main goal as a musical group. The brainchild of singer-actor Benj Manalo, Benj And The Collective is a sing/dance/comedy group that aim to promote love and good vibes through their songs and in their live shows.

The group’s sound is heavily inspired by 90’s RnB pop and hip hop, also naming Boyz II Men, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Blackstreet as some of their musical influences.

Listen to Benj and the Collective's “No Games” below:

Watch the Official Lyric Video:

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