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"Panandalian" by Meg Zurbito - out now!

Meg Zurbito tugs the heart’s memories of tired and broken promises in her latest single, Panandalian.

Letting go and moving on is never easy, especially from a kind of love that vowed to give you the world. In Meg’s song, Panandalian, you can hear a desperate push to get past the heartache and a hopeless pull to keep the cherished moments. She also feels that these passionate emotions are not dictated by time. A short-lived kind of love doesn’t mean any less than a longstanding one. Panandalian may come from a short-lived relationship, but it embodies a love that feels destined and hopeful. With Meg’s calming and fragile vocals, each drop of emotion is set to be felt by hearts that know of love.

Meg Zurbito is an emerging singer-songwriter who draws inspiration from indie, folk, old-school music like The Beatles and Clara Benin. She’s known for her poetic and intentional songwriting that audiences from different walks of life can relate to. Her songs have hit the viral charts and are seeded in several editorial playlists in music streaming platforms.

Save, share, and stream Panandalian on your favorite streaming platforms. Panandalian by Meg Zurbito is produced by Ivory Music & Video, Inc.

"Panandalian" is out now!

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