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Rising singer Meg Zurbito breaks the illusion of love in “Untrue”

Meg Zurbito is a burgeoning talent set to captivate audiences with her dreamy new single, "Untrue."

Released by a newly reconfigured Ivory Music label, “Untrue” is a poignant piece of music that blends folk, balladry, and atmospherics—elements that Meg Zurbito mixes with ease and authenticity.

Meg's journey into the spotlight traces back to her serendipitous discovery by Ivory Music, a fateful encounter that paved the way for her professional career. When she was just starting, Meg had all the support from her family in order to balance responsibilities in school and in music. She was about to graduate when she was discovered at an open mic session at a popular gig spot in Katipunan, Quezon City.

Fast forward to the release of her latest single with Ivory Music, which she describes as a song that zeroes in on the illusions and delusions that relations are sometimes built on.

Meg wrote “Untrue” – a no-frills song about matters of the heart – back in 2022. This is the first time that the singer wrote lyrics in English, inspired by being able to reach an audience beyond the local sphere. “I was inspired to do so, after my previous song broke into the viral charts (of Taiwan),” adding, “I hope that ‘Untrue’ can cross borders. Because I believe that (the theme of) experiencing love that is untrue, is something that anyone, anywhere has been through.”

Describing “Untrue” further, Meg said: “Have you ever had a dream that felt so real? That kind that when you wake up, you’ll ask yourself: was that real? Did it really happen? Then you’ll realize that it was just a dream. The same with feeling intense feelings of love when it's at the peak, it feels surreal then all of a sudden, we wake up to reality.”

“Untrue” mixes Meg's usual folk flavors with a bit of a modern twist. “Putting some electronic elements into my songwriting goes along with the theme of firsts for this song. It’s a reminder for me and my listeners to always go out of their comfort zone. To go do something they’ve never done before and explore. That’s the only way to know if something is untrue (like the wrong kind of love) while staying natural and true to ourselves. And this song really helped me, and I’m very thankful to the team that worked on this.”

“Since Ivory Music is very much supportive, I thought that this single should be really big, so I really did give this song my everything. But at the same time, I don’t want to pressure myself to be successful. If anything, what’s important is that I’m still doing what I love, and that is to be able to share this music."


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