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Vanadey is a 5-piece band based in Batangas, Philippines, including Nathan Dungo on Lead Vocals, Andrei De Chavez on Rhythm Guitars and 2nd Vocals, Harvey De Chavez on Drums, Micko Perez on Lead Guitars, and Drex Diña on Bass.

Vanadey's latest single "Hindi Pagmamay-ari" was originally composed by Nathan in 2019 when he was depressed and in love with a lady who already had a boyfriend. When he was riding to school, he can still clearly recall hearing the other passenger say something. Moreover, the phrase is "Hindi Pagmamay-ari." And as soon as he heard that, he took out his notepad and started to compose the song, which is how he came up with the song's chorus. And he completed all of the song's lyrics before the day was out. 


Vanadey's inventiveness captivates listeners, and they never cease to astound audiences with their outlandish performances. Vanadey has evolved with the times, and they are now focusing on writing songs that will appeal to a wider audience. They desire to rank among the most popular and successful bands in the Philippines.



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