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We Just Changed is a band in Sampaloc Manila, originally they were 4 members but they added a new guitarist to get the sound that they have as of today. The band was formed in August of 2018 and the members first met in a youth event in a community church in Dimasalang near Dangwa.

The current roster is led by their composer and lyricist Jordan Mota who is also one of their vocalists. Gibo Zamora is their acoustic guitar player and also a vocalist, Jhenmer "bal" Balderama is the drummer and Johanna "Aine" Garcia is their bassist. And Samuel Flores is the newest member who plays a second lead guitar in the band.

For their genre, we can say it emulates most of the OPM rock bands with a touch of r&b because of the soulful voice of their 2 vocalists. They want to name their genre "Chopsuey Rock".



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