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MYMP makes a dreamy comeback

Award-winning group MYMP makes a splash comeback with new hit song "Wishes & Dreams."

It has been almost six years since award-winning OPM icon MYMP released new music. Now back with fresh tunes and a new lineup, MYMP is set to flourish in this day and age of music.

The much-awaited comeback track from MYMP is called “Wishes & Dreams” and is released under Ivory Music & Video. According to MYMP vocalist and guitarist Chin Alcantara, “Wishes & Dreams” is a song “I wrote 9 years ago. It’s about loving your best friend too much. The song means so much to us because it’s a challenge for us to write a song that we really like, and we’re happy with the outcome of [Wishes & Dreams]! We’re crazy excited!”

MYMP recently headlined Do Music Festival, the biggest international music festival in Sumatera. Do Music Festival features other local Indonesian acts and was held in Alam Mayang Pekanbaru Riau on September 14, 2019. Do Music Festival marked MYMP’s 8th playing an international music festival in Indonesia.

MYMP (Make Your Momma Proud) was formed in 1996. Their debut album Soulful Acoustic, released in 2003, has been certified Platinum that same year. MYMP has since released 8 albums and a combined total of 10 platinum awards and still counting. MYMP currently has 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify and almost 230 million total streams (from 2015).

MYMP is composed of Carmella Ravanilla (vocalist) and Chin Alcantara (vocalist, guitarist), together with their band Aaron Cadaing (bassist), Benj Bamba (drummer) & Donna Moreno (keyboards & vocals).

Listen to MYMP's “Wishes & Dreams” below:

Watch the Official Music Video:


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