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New song from Room for Cielo - out now!

OPM band Room for Cielo introduces two sides of love in their newest single.

Takbo may be Room for Cielo’s least “intricate” song yet. The track, to be released on May 22, 2020, is special in the way that it has a 'shifting perspective' throughout the song. The first verse of the song is about how the 2nd person has been hurt and is afraid to love again. The second verse then becomes about how the 1st person has felt the same as well. But it all culminates to the underlying message of the song which is: don’t run away from a love we could run towards instead. Hence “Takbo.” It is somewhat a mix between an inspiration from personal experience and a romantic conception (to embed more gaping proclamations of love).

Room for Cielo is known for their “old soul pop” sounds - taking inspirations from the 80s-90s OPM era and flavours of modern Pop and Ballad. The band consists of Pael Gutierrez (vocals), Daryl Cielo (guitars/vocals), PJ Ballares (bassist), Emile Bagtas (keys),  Ezra Caliguia (guitars), and Justin Felias (drummer). 

Listen to Room for Cielo's “Takbo” below:

Stream and download here:

For more updates on #RoomForCielo and #Takbo, see the link below:


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