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"PINES" out now!

Hip-hop artist Jerzoned uses his musical skills to call out the injustices by the country’s political “crocodiles” with his latest release, “₱INES.”

“₱INES” - short for “Philippines” - released on October 18, 2019 under Ivory Music & Video. The highly political track talks about the rampant corruption of politicians and corporations in the country. Jerzoned expresses his disappointment and anger as he sings “Rep Manila filled with cold blooded killers. Living with crocs that are sitting. Over their throne is a king doing the killing.” Despite this, the song encourages its listeners to never stop loving and fighting for the country. “Look out for each other that’s all we could do now. We’re our own soldiers fighting for the truth now. One day at a time, progress in a line. Bring back the beauty of pines.” The track is almost a musical catharsis. “₱INES” is Jerzoned’s most unrestrained and unapologetic song to date. “₱INES” is composed by Jerzoned and produced by canis major.

Jerzoned, born Jerson Sonza, is a Filipino rapper and songwriter. He began writing and freestyle rapping in 2016, with a vast majority of R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap musical influences, such as J. Cole, Nas, Biggie, Drake, Mac Miller and Jay-Z. In April 2017, Jerson joined Axe YOU Masterclass. He participated in Word Shop with Curtismith and made it to the top 3. He started releasing original music in 2018 with “Live 4 Me” (featured in Spotify’s Pinoy Rap and PH Viral 50 playlists) and “GYSB.” His most recent single “By My Side” - released on February 22, 2019 - was also featured in Spotify’s Pinoy Rap and I Love You, Sabado! playlists.

Listen to Jerzoned’s “₱INES” on Spotify!


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